Social Media Go!


I’m happy to announce that our Facebook page and Twitter feed are now live for the shop! If you’re into social media and want to keep up to date with everything going on, follow us!

We’ll be posting updates, advertising new products and generally sharing the goings-on of the Shop on a regular basis, so it’s the best way to keep up with everything. As always, if you want to get in touch please do so – you now have two more methods of contacting us! Facebook, Twitter and email are definitely the best ways to contact us with any comments, queries or problems (although hopefully there will not be any of those!)

If you have found the Shop useful in getting hold of those modelling items you need, then go ahead and share with anyone who may also be interested! And as always, if there are any products we don’t have that you need to get hold of – now you can send us a Tweet or Facebook message to request those bits and pieces!

You can find our Facebook page here or follow @NickSDHobbyShop on Twitter. Better yet, you can find us by clicking the relevant buttons at the bottom of the website!