Javis Scenics Bulk Pack Mixed Colour Lichen


Javis Scenics Bulk Pack Mixed Colour Lichen

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65g (approx.) Javis Scenics Bulk Pack Mixed Colour Lichen, containing a variety of Spring, Summer and Autumnal colours, supplied by Javis Manufacturing. Made for model railways primarily, Javis Scenics supplies are equally suitable for wargaming terrain or dioramas to add realism and quality to your tabletop and bring your scenes to life. Useful for tree foliage, hedgerows or undergrowth, and any other plant life you might need for your figures and game boards! For best effects, you can combine this item with other Javis Scenics products to achieve fantastic results for your model bases, terrain and many other applications.

As this is a natural product, it may be subject to various customs regulations that might prevent this product shipping abroad. Therefore, it is recommended that this product should be purchased by UK customers only.

Manufacturer: Javis Manufacturing Ltd

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 3 cm