About Us

The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop

The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop are a small company primarily focused on providing top quality hobby supplies for wargaming at reasonable prices. Although our current range is relatively small, we are adding to it all the time. If there is a product you’re after that we don’t currently stock, let us know and we can try to get hold if it!

Who are we?

The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop is run by husband-and-wife team Nick and Claire. Nick has been a wargamer for nearly twenty years, beginning with Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5th Edition back in 1998. Since then, plenty of other games have seen the tabletop -sci-fi, fantasy and historical war games, board games, CCGs, RPGs, and plenty of computer games besides! Not to mention the thousands of miniatures collected. Or the hundreds of hours spent buried away in the spare room painting said miniatures…

Claire is Nick’s long-suffering partner in crime and occasional tabletop opponent. Occasional, because she usually wins and Nick doesn’t like losing too often.

We both work full-time in jobs that require both travel and irregular hours, so we don’t keep normal “office hours”. Although you can phone us, we may not always be available to answer! Therefore, the best way to get in contact with us is by email (nick@sleepingdragonhobbyshop.co.uk) or to message us on our Facebook page or Twitter.